Flat Creek meanders through the National Elk Refuge and the Town of Jackson. Our studio is located right on Flat Creek and it is here we create our original work. For over twenty years, John Bickner, Jr. and his family have been creating unique art at Flat Creek Crossing. The emphasis of our collection is on natural materials. Since we are surrounded by nature and wildlife, we draw on these influences for our designs. We also collaborate with dozens of artists in the area and provide them with the natural material they require to complete their own unique designs.






John Bickner, Jr. is the senior artist and owner of Flat Creek Crossing and Elkhorn Industries in Jackson Hole Wyoming. He grew up in Jackson Hole and here he was introduced to the lifestyle that that allows him to spend time outdoors.


John is a fifth generation craftsman who shows his appreciation of nature through his creations of fine art. His artwork is exhibited world-wide and is a beautiful accent for everything from a rustic hunting cabin to the most elegant home. John's antler fixtures have been used as the prominent decor in some of the exclusive lodges recently built in North America.






John’s wife, Sheri Bickner, is a 5th generation Wyoming girl… Sheri has been working in art and retail almost 20 years. Behind the scenes, the gal keeps the show on a straight course.









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